We met Diamond, Red, and their owners about a month ago. Red was really skinny and had difficulty putting on weight. Diamond had two previous litters, and they couldn’t go through yet another litter. We told them we could help with BOTH of those problems, and so we worked together to come up with a solution!

Red visited our friends at Hillside Animal Hospital, where he was examined and dewormed. A few weeks later, he had put on weight, and was back to his old cheery self! Red is 13 years young, but acts just like a puppy again. And he loves his little friend, Diamond!

Diamond was fixed through our spay/neuter program last week. During surgery, Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic noted an enlarged spleen and distended belly. She has had a difficult recovery, resulting in a few nights of hospitalization, a spleenectomy, and stomach tacking… all unrelated to her spay but we are all thankful the spay helped us uncover these issues.

Now, Red and Diamond are happy and healthy and returned home to their family. And this story is made possible thanks to SO many people! We’d like to thank our friends at Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic who provide low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, and our friends at BARCstl.org, who subsidize those surgeries. And Bissell Pet Foundation, who provides financial support to our spay/neuter program.

We’d also like to thank Banfield Foundation for their contribution to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund. Thanks to this fund, both dogs were able to receive emergency veterinary care and return home to her loving family.

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