While playing with his tiny human friends, 10-week-old Smoky injured both of his front legs. He couldn’t walk or put pressure on them, so his family rushed him to the vet. The x-rays shared a devastating prognosis–he fractured both legs at the growth plates, requiring an expensive surgery. His family could not afford the surgery, so they went to a second doctor for a second opinion, with euthanasia as a recommendation. They called Gateway Pet Guardians for one last shot, and we scheduled an appointment at a full-service vet for an examination. Smoky will require a special surgeon and his surgery is estimated to be $2,600. 

A special donor has committed $1,000 to help Smoky. His family can contribute $200 towards his surgery. Additionally, special grant funding from Banfield Foundation and ASPCA can contribute $500 towards his care. Our goal is to raise the difference–$900–to be able to provide Smoky this surgery so that he may walk again.

Accidents happen. Smoky has a family that adores him, several little children that rely on him for laughs and giggles. We would love to keep this beautiful family whole. Please, would you consider donating to help Smoky in his time of need?

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