We met Snowball and his dad over a year ago. While driving by, we saw a big, beautiful yellow dog that could easily jump the chain link fence. We knocked on the door and he jumped that fence and greeted us the only way he knew how–jumping up and giving us the most giant hug. We instantly fell in love with him.

In August, his dad called concerned about Snowball’s health. He was holding his neck still with stiff body posture, and at times he seemed to be in so much pain he wouldn’t move for days. We scheduled an appointment at a full service vet. X-rays showed a malformation in his vertebra, which could be pressing on spinal cord (also called “Wobbler’s syndrome”).

Over the past few months, we have worked with Snowball’s dad to manage the pain and inflammation, but his health declined. Although he was in pain, he was still in good spirits until we received the dreaded call from his dad–Snowball passed away last night.

We will miss our visits with Snowball and his dad. How he used to jump over the chain link fence in a single leap to greet us, how he’d grab any stick he could to play and prance around the yard. How his dad would laugh and laugh.

Rest in peace, Snowball. We love you!

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