We originally met Toby and his mom in 2018 while visiting one of their neighbors. They called us over to see if we could help with their pets. Toby and his sister had flea dermatitis and skin infections. We got them into the vet to receive veterinary care, and later fixed and vaccinated everyone in the family through our Spay/Neuter Program.

This week, we received a frantic call from Toby’s mom. He had been hit by a truck and was favoring his rear leg. Toby’s mom didn’t have transportation to get him to the vet, or the financial resources to cover veterinary care. We immediately drove to her house to help and took him to a partner vet for diagnostics.

X-rays confirmed Toby had dislocated his hip, dislocated his pelvis, and fractured his leg in the incident. We set up a treatment plan and discussed with Toby’s mom. While his injuries sounded extensive, we believed that with some crate rest we could help Toby recover without needing any surgery. The vet set his hip back in its socket and in the process, helped align his pelvis back into place. We believed with 6-8 weeks of crate rest and a sling, he could make a full recovery.

We visited Toby often, checking his sling and making sure he had enough pain medication. A few weeks later we took him in for more x-rays, and we couldn’t believe it–it had worked! Toby’s injuries had healed and he had made a full recovery!

We are so thankful to our veterinary partners and financial supporters for their help. We just love these happily ever afters! Toby was able to stay with his family who has loved him his entire life–here’s to many more years together!

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This story was made possible thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, our veterinary partner Hillside Animal Hospital, and financial support from Banfield Foundation and supporters like you!