Extreme cold is upon us once again in St. Louis and Gateway Pet Guardians is on an emergency mission to give shelter to as many pets in East St. Louis as we possibly can before temperatures dip to below zero.

In this video on this page, we show you what these dogs have gone through in years past when it’s only 12 degrees outside. But this year is going to be infinitely colder.

TODAY (Saturday January 4th) and TOMORROW (Sunday January 5th) we are distributing as many doghouses, blankes and straw as we possibly can to East St. Louis residents… but we are OUT OF DOG HOUSES! We can quickly and easily purchase houses for the animls in East St. Louis from our supplier – as many as we need – before we leave on Sunday morning, but we need donations to pay for them.

Each dog house costs approximately $80, depending on the style. We have a generous donor who has agreed to MATCH each of your donations up to $2,000 – so that would be $4,000 total to help us purchase dog houses and straw.

There are also many strays without homes in East St. Louis who will not survive these arctic temperatures. The windchill on Monday is forecasted to be FORTY BELOW. We have fosters lined up, but we need your donations to help us cover any medical costs that these rescue animals may need – heartworm treatment, which is long and expensive (can cost as much as $800 per dog) is almost a certainty. Mange and ringworm are also common.

YOU are as much of a part of our team as anyone because YOU can help us spread the word and raise this money in the short amount of time we need it. Donate to help us save these animals and share our cause with as many people as you can, I’m confident we can reach $4,000 in just two days.