Juliet and AndreaWhen Andrea Wolfe first met Juliet at the Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter, she knew it was going to be the perfect fit for a foster dog! Her personal dog, Wiley, has tons of energy. She wasn’t sure if any dog would be able to give him a run for his money, but Juliet and Wiley became the best of friends!

Juliet was rescued from the euthanasia list from Animal Control. She spent about two months at Vatterott College before going home with Andrea, but has been thriving every day since in her home. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t make Andrea laugh and smile with her puppy-ish antics. Juliet enjoys playing with Wiley, snuggling with Andrea, and her favorite thing of all – FOOD!

Andrea is working with Juliet on her basic manners, such as jumping and nipping. With her puppy energy, she gets excited very easily. Andrea says, “I think that is part of what makes her so fun; everything is new and exciting to her and she is just so full of life!” But when it’s not time to play, it’s time to snuggle. “When it’s cuddle time, Juliet knows it and will dig herself into you to get as close as physically possible. She just loves attention. She gets so excited when she wags her tail that her whole body moves, it is adorable.”

Andrea has been fostering with Gateway Pet Guardians since September. When asked what her favorite part of fostering is, she responded: “It is hard managing a house, work, life, and two very energetic dogs on my own, but we make it work. At the end of the day when you can tell that dog they never have to be scared again because you will find their forever family, it makes the pee stains on the carpet, the waking up at 5 am because someone has to go outside, the doubled amount of dog hair in the house, the dogs crying outside your shower because they miss you, the constant crazy-ness, all that and more, worth it. Fostering has made my life whole.” She continued, “I feel like fostering makes us better people; I don’t sweat the small things anymore. Hey, maybe the house isn’t spotless or the dog poop in the yard needs picked up, but then you remind yourself all is good, you are helping save a four-legged life and that feels AMAZING!”

Juliet is looking for her forever home – could that be you? Visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt to learn more about her! Or, you can save a four-legged life just like Andrea did by becoming a foster with Gateway Pet Guardians. To learn more, visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster. There are dozens of homeless pets waiting for you to take a chance and welcome them into your home. Consider becoming a foster today!