This incredibly adorable puppy is Bode, which is pronounced Bo-dee. He’s being fostered by our Foster Coordinator, Abby. She’s a matchmaker, in a way, as she pairs a dog with the best foster home that fits it’s needs. She was waiting for the right dog for her and Lucy, a beautiful Terrier mix she adopted from us as a puppy last year.

Along came Bode, rescued from the Euthanasia List at Animal Control, into our Shelter where Abby met him. After one day she was smitten and knew this sweet guy with the big, goofy paws would be a perfect fit for her home. Bode seemed to agree and curled up next to her in the car, sleeping all the way to her house.

This friendly boy settled in nicely and is working on house training and doing very well. He’s crate trained, sleeps in there at night and is a good boy while crated. Bode is submissive and gets along very well with Lucy, is gentle and not mouthy with children and hasn’t met any cats.

He’s a playful boy who has a nice amount of puppy energy. Bode & Lucy love chasing each other around and they have a blast playing tug-of-war with her purple stuffed animal. He enjoys all types of toys and likes playing with balls, even falling asleep with one safely tucked underneath him.


When playtime is over, this sweet guy calms down nicely. He likes to cuddle with Abby and he loves it when she gives him belly rubs or spends time petting him. He’ll thank her occasionally with a kiss and a big smile. Bode is happiest when he’s with his people, whether he’s sitting next to Abby or laying across her lap. He follows her around the house, even laying against her feet as she does dishes.

If Bode doesn’t steal your heart with his beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile, his sweet goofiness will! He makes Abby laugh a lot and she finds herself smiling much more with this silly boy around. She loves the way he bounces around with his big puppy paws, it’s so adorable! He also prances like a Clydesdale, which just adds to his charm!

Bode has a healthy appetite and loves treats. He’s teething and likes to sooth himself with Lucy’s purple stuffed animal. And, he even has his own Instagram page so you can see all of his gorgeous photos – #gatewaypetsbode.

Bode looks forward to becoming part of a family and he will definitely make his new family’s life much brighter! Do you have room in your heart & your home for this sweet, goofy guy? If so, please visit our website to learn about our adoption process & send an application.


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