The end-of-life experience can be a difficult period for pet owners. Our pets devote their lives to us–making us smile and laugh every day. The thought of losing a pet–a family member–can be devastating. Whether a pet approaches their golden years, experiences sudden trauma, or is diagnosed with a terminal illness–we are there for pet owners through this difficult period.

At Gateway Pet Guardians, we believe everyone deserves the love of an animal. And with that, everyone deserves the opportunity to say good-bye with compassion and dignity. Through our Pet Crisis Fund, we are able to address barriers that exist for many families we work with–especially transportation and cost–by providing end-of-life services at our partner full-service veterinary clinics.

This week, we said good-bye to Pretty Boy, a beautiful long-haired tabby cat. Pretty Boy was 19 years old, and had spent his whole life with his mom. Pretty Boy’s health had deteriorated over the past several weeks. His mom called us for help to help ease his suffering. We stood by their side as they experienced their final moments together. Pretty Boy passed peacefully.

We are so sorry for the loss of Pretty Boy, but know he had a fulfilling life and his mom loved him dearly. It can be difficult to let go, to make that decision–but we are there for families every step of the way. Please, consider donating to the East Side Pet Crisis Fund. This fund benefits pets needing emergency veterinary services, but also situations requiring humane euthanasia to help prevent suffering.