JackieIt was a hot August afternoon when Gateway Pet Guardians met Jackie, the beautiful blue pittie mama with five precious babies. She was emaciated, with no access to food or water. Her puppies were underweight with skin issues. Without hesitation, we brought Jackie and her babies into rescue. Shortly after, her babies were all adopted. But Jackie still waits for her happily ever after. Luckily, she has some amazing foster parents to show her love while she waits!

Amanda Laurence and her husband Glenn started fostering with Gateway Pet Guardians in November. They were ready to pick up their first foster, and were eager to meet Jackie. Amanda picked her up from the shelter, and they instantly bonded! Jackie just wanted attention and wanted to be loved. The first night in their house, Jackie laid across their bed and fell fast asleep. Since that night, the Laurences have fallen head over heels for this precious girl.

In the following months, Jackie gained weight, and she became a very active and playful dog! She loves running and playing fetch. Her beautiful stride and joy as she runs is breathtaking. But she also has a lovable side. Amanda says, “When she settles down, she loves to be rubbed… and don’t think about stopping! She will make you keep going and going. She sometimes forgets she is a big dog. She likes to get in your lap. Now she sleeps in the bed with us just like us…head on pillow!”

Jackie is still waiting to find her forever home, but the Laurences will wait with her every step of the way!  They love fostering, and helping dogs learn to love again. Amanda has this advice for those considering fostering: “It certainly isn’t as easy as you would think. It takes patience, lots of patience and it really takes someone willing to give love even when you don’t think it is received. In time it will and you do make a difference. I am the PROUD foster mamma of JACKIE!!!!”

Jackie and the Laurences

To learn more about fostering, visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster. And to make Jackie a permanent resident in your family, visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt!