Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Abby Lorenz!

Our next Foster Spotlight goes to a very important person at GPG, our Foster Placement Coordinator, Abby Lorenz! Abby got involved with us in 2012 when she adopted a GPG dog, Lucy (formerly Yam). She started to become more involved by transporting rescues to events and then taking in her first foster dog. She has had four fosters since then. She lives in O’Fallon, MO with Lucy.

Abby prefers adult dogs because they are so loving and appreciative of having a loving home and a couch to snuggle on. There is nothing like watching a dog that had a rough life sleep soundly next to you on the couch. As we all know, they can be easier to potty-train as well.

Abby’s most memorable experience with a foster so far has to be Kinley, her second foster. On Kinley’s first day at her house, Kinley was a bit started by the TV. Abby had been sitting down on the couch and when she turned on the TV, Kinley jumped onto the couch and stared at the TV with confusion. We can just imagine the head tilt Kinley must have had! It was so funny to watch her experience all of the nuances of living in a home.

Abby’s best advice for new foster parents is to be patient. A foster dog might chew up a shoe or remote, but in the end it will all be worth it. Watching them blossom from being frightened to confident and loving animals is the best part by far.

Although Abby spends a lot of time and energy helping the GPG dogs, she also works in Human Resources. When the weather is nice you can always find her and Lucy at Broemmelsiek Dog Park in St. Charles County. Let’s give a big thanks to Abby for her dedication and all the time she spends making sure all of our GPG adoptables are situated! Thanks Abby for all that you do!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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