Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Ashley!Meet Ashley! Ashley’s fostering journey began after she came across Gateway’s website. She felt a need to do something and knew fostering was a wonderful way for her to become involved in changing the lives of animals. After over three years, her dedication to helping animals has continued to stay strong. She has helped more than five animals get a new beginning and a chance at life. Ashley has no personal preference for adult dogs or puppies, but fostering puppies is the perfect fit since she has two small boys at home. In addition her two boys, she has a wonderful husband and a Doberman for a personal pet.

Looking back over all her foster experiences, the one that sticks out the most is of a shy and scared puppy named Jackie Daniels. She was very insecure and unsure when she came into Ashley’s life. Through the help and innocence of her two-year-old son, Jackie Daniels quickly came out of her shell and formed a close bond with him. If it weren’t for the fact that a family friend had adopted her and Ashley’s family would be able to stay included in Jackie’s life, Jackie may have become a foster failure. Luckily, a wonderful family adopted her and Ashley still has room to change the lives of many more dogs!

Ashley’s life revolves around helping animals even when she is not fostering. Working with Gateway is her favorite avenue to help dogs, but she also works with dogs in training, grooming, and boarding. Dogs are Ashley’s world and she would not be complete without them!

Ashley has a piece of advice to new fosterers; without your help, love, and kindness, these dogs would have nothing. You are the first and biggest stepping stone into a new life with a loving and caring future. Thanks, Ashley, for all the lives you’ve changed both for both humans and animals. Gateway would not be the same without your love and dedication!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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