This week’s Foster Spotlight is on to Brian Fischer! Even though he has been with GPG for less than a year, he has quickly gone from a fostering novice to expert. He has had at least twenty dogs go through his home! He originally started with GPG because he had an itch to have another dog around. When Brian started to look into options he remembered a GPG adoption event at Busch Stadium where he got one of our fostering business cards. He began to look into the organization by checking out the website and immediately knew he wanted to be a part of all the great things GPG does!

Brian is not doing this alone though. He has a wonderful family, human and otherwise, helping him along the way. He is backed by his wife of sixteen years, Joan, fourteen year old son Justin, and nine year old daughter Keely. They also has a trusty helper, their own person eight year old Boston Terrier. He enjoys the happiness that comes along with having the fosters in the home. Brian especially loves to foster puppies and so does his personal dog!

Having had over twenty dogs go through his home, two particular memorable moments came to mind when thinking of all the special things Brian has experienced through this journey. The first is Mackie. Mackie came in as a puppy and they immediately started helping him become the best puppy he could be for his new forever family. They started bell training him and his foster parents were so proud the moment he finally got it. The second was the time Brian went to go to bed with his wife to find his spot had been hijacked by temp foster Bronco.

Brian works as an electrician in construction, which came in handy during our recent shelter renovations. He love spending time with his family the most, whether it be camping, fishing, or just being together in general wherever that may be. He especially loves hanging out in the yard around the fire pit and enjoying special times with family and friends.

Brian knows a thing or two when it comes to starting your fostering journey. He reminds everyone to remember to be open minded and have a lot of patience. These dogs want to be loved and we need to help them become the best dogs that they can be, even through all the trials they make take us through. Thanks for saving the lives of so many animals Brian and being so dedicated in finding so many of the rescues a wonderful forever homes!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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