Meet Caitlin and Tyler! These two amazing people found GPG through their friend, Abby Lorenz. Caitlin and Tyler had been fostering for a few other groups prior to fostering with GPG. Once they got involved with GPG, they were hooked! Caitlin and Tyler say that one thing they love about GPG is the responsiveness and how they well we take care of the fosters.

They have been fostering for GPG for less than a year but have already had four fosters! They enjoy exclusively fostering puppies because they get along with their big dogs best. They also usually have more energy than their three dogs combined! Caitlin and Tyler love all of the firsts with puppies, like going up and down stairs, going outside, learning new things and especially when they meet their forever family!

Caitlin and Tyler’s most memorable foster with GPG has been Chiclet from the Gum litter. Miss Chiclet had endless amounts of energy and they would find her running laps around the house even after playing all day. She would also try to break out of her kennel at night. Caitlin and Tyler were genuinely concerned that they’d have a very difficult time finding Chiclet’s forever home but the perfect home found her! As Caitlin’s grandpa says, “every pot has a lid”. Chiclet’s new sister has a similar energy level. It makes life in her new home interesting!

When Caitlin and Tyler aren’t fostering for GPG they are tending to their Boston Terrier named O’Reilly, Chihuahua named Julian, and Chester the Beagle. Tyler works as a Youth Director for Vetta Sports and Caitlin works in the healthcare field. They both love to play with their fur-kids, visit their grandparent’s farm, and travel.

Caitlin and Tyler’s best advice for a new foster is to embrace the feelings that go along with taking them to their forever homes. It’s hard and sometimes can be very emotional. In the end, it is so rewarding and it helps ease the pain to know that they found a forever home. Thank you so much, Caitlin and Tyler, for all you do for the pups of GPG!

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