Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Chelsey Olson!Happy New Year fosters! With this new year, we want to again start celebrating the wonderful fosters that make our mission with GPG possible. Our first foster spotlight of the year goes to… Chelsey Olson. Chelsey heard about GPG by visiting the Purina Farm event, which is just one of the many wonderful events we put on throughout the year. After attending the event and finding out more about GPG on Facebook, she was eager to fill out an application. Chelsey has only been fostering since August of 2014 but has already seen six dogs make their journey through her home! She generally prefers adult dogs because it is so fun to see their personalities and getting to know each one individually.

Chelsey’s most memorable story thus far has got to be Imogen. Imogen was picked up from Animal Control and it was very evident she had already led a hard life. Her struggles showed on her physically with scabs and scrapes from her street life. As soon as she brought her home, the first thing Imogen did was climb up on the couch and give her a kiss. She knew she had just made it into the good life.

If Chelsey had any advice for new fosters, it would be to reach out to all the other fellow fosters. They are your biggest support system and know a lot of the things you may have questions about. Out of the whole foster community, you can always count on at least one person having an answer to your question or advice when you need it.

When Chelsey isn’t providing new lives for our ever-growing rescue population, she has quite a busy life of her own. She is married with two children, a cat, and her own GPG foster failure, Tippy. She loves being a part of GPG! The best part is to know all the lives that are saved and all the homes that are filled with happiness when our GPG rescues make it into them. Let’s all hear it for Chelsey and another successful year saving lives with GPG! Thank you!!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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