Foster Spotlight Heather BeschLet’s give it up this week for Heather Besch! Heather became involved with GPG when her sister asked her to volunteer with her at an event. She has been fostering for less than a year, but has already had six different dogs make their way through her home and into wonderful furever families. Heather has found that she really loves fostering the momma dogs and their puppies. She also does temporary fostering. It is difficult for her to process applications and do home visits right now due to her work schedule and current lifestyle. So, doing temporary fostering works best for her right now and GPG is always in need of temporary fosterers. Heather’s most memorable moment was her first experience with a momma dog named Kalina and the “Little Rascals” pups. She was very apprehensive about fostering them initially. Luckily, we have a wonderful and supportive GPG family and among them is an expert on working with momma dogs and puppies, Juliana Alexander. Heather became more at ease about tending to her fosters because she knew she had resources to turn to for help. When Heather is not helping out with GPG, she leads a very busy and fulfilling life. She has two fur-babies of her own; both are Cockapoos who have retired from being touch therapy dogs. They are older dogs at the ages of nine and eleven. The oldest has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and is on medication to keep him comfortable. Heather works hard to provide him all the comfort and love she can to help him through it all. She has a wonderful human family too, including two teenage daughters and a great husband. One of her favorite hobbies is photography, which she wishes she had more time to do. She is lucky enough to work from home for CIGNA Healthcare processing appeals. This works out wonderfully for her fosters because she is able to pay attention to them while she works. Heather’s advice to new fosterers is to always ask questions and stay informed. This is something she still practices now. She reminds everyone that there is nothing comparable to watching your fosters grow, receive the love they deserve, and find their forever home. Heather, thank you so much for the awesome things you do for GPG!  Every person gives to GPG in his or her own ways and we couldn’t do it without you!!!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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