Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Jamie and Dale Schwab!This week we want to honor Jamie and Dale Schwab for all that they do for GPG! Jamie knew Jamie Case for a long time and had heard and read a lot about her GPG stories. One day, she decided to stop sitting back and to be a part of this amazing experience instead. They have been fostering for less than two years and have already had nine fosters. They prefer adult dogs because they already have three personal dogs and two kids under eleven. Puppies would be too much craziness to add to the mix! Jamie loves seeing an adult dog come into a home and finally be able to be at peace. It’s so rewarding to see them happy and knowing they remember what life was like just a short time before.

Her most memorable moment with GPG doesn’t have to do with one specific dog but with all her fosters. It is a joy to watch each and every one transform into sheltered, fed, loved, and spoiled dogs. If she had to pick one, it would be no other than her foster failure, Jett. Her family believes they didn’t pick her but Jett picked them. Jett loves everyone in the family just the same.

The advice she has for new fosters is that it might be hard to give up that first foster to their new forever home and it’s still hard to give up the second. Giving them a new forever family doesn’t mean you don’t love them; it means you love them so much that you want to put them with a forever family that can give them all the love and help the dog needs. They’ve actually talked about keeping every one of their fosters at one time or another but there is not one that they’ve ever regretted finding a forever home. The dogs bring so much joy and happiness to their forever families.

Jamie and Dale have two daughters and three dogs, Chester, Lester, and Jett. Jamie works full time for a law firm but loves to volunteer as much as she can. She has to learn the art of telling people “no” because she loves to give so much. She loves to spend time with family, watch her dogs play all day long, and go to auctions. Thank you, Jamie and Dale, for your support and all that you do!