Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Jane Posen!This week we are shouting out to a long time GPG fosterer and volunteer, Jane Posen. Jane heard about GPG when she was looking for a small rescue to foster for and decided to get involved with GPG. She has been with GPG for almost three years and has fostered nine different animals (not counting the momma and six pups she got after she completed this survey for her bio). Jane has a soft spot in her heart for those especially tough cases like ferals, postpartum mommas, and pitties. The transition the ferals and now-spayed mommas go through into a normal life is so beautiful. Also, seeing a loving pitbull move into a home with people who will love and appreciate them despite stereotypes is heartwarming.

Jane’s most memorable foster story comes from her own foster failure, Mischa. Mischa wouldn’t even get close to PJ on the street and it took a year to finally catch her. Jane could not resist her after watching her turn out to be such a social dog that is great with all people and other dogs. In her five years of fostering, Mischa was the only one she just had to keep.

Jane has a great piece of advice that is very important in the growth and development of the dogs we take off the streets. She reminds us that even though we all want to just love on the dogs non-stop, it is important to remember to provide structure as well. A well-balanced dog is a happy dog. Also, remember that you’re helping this dog grow so it can be a loving companion for someone else. Get excited about your next foster A.S.A.P because we have so many needy dogs that could use your love and support.

Jane doesn’t just have a helping spirit when it comes to dogs, but also in her professional life. She has a background in social work and started doing volunteer work with dogs as a break from spending all day working intensely with people. I think we can all attest to how therapeutic coming home to a dog can be! While Jane tries to have other hobbies like gardening, reading, and just hanging out with other dog people, GPG quickly became her top priority. She rides along with PJ once a week and used to do one shelter shift a week, but is now one of our newest shelter staff members. She also helps with our outreach efforts and loves every minute of it. Jane is an invaluable member of the Gateway team and we are grateful for all that she does!