Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Maddison!It’s time for the Foster Spotlight and this week it’s on Maddison Syberg! Maddison got involved with GPG four years ago when she adopted her dog Sookie, a four-year-old Shepherd mix. It was a story of a shy pup who eventually blossomed through the love and patience from the perfect family. She had a passion for animals and had experience working at the zoo as an antelope keeper (giraffes, zebras, camels, gazelles, pigs, and kangaroos). At work she trains and works with animals through protected contact. She wanted to be able to work one on one with animals because it is such a rewarding experience to see the difference you can make so quickly.

Maddison began fostering when she fell in love with the shelter dogs. She has been fostering a little less than two years and has had two fosters. There was Marley (Laguna)—a crazy energetic lab mix, and Little Caesar—a feral dog who quickly turned into a snuggle bug. She’s found that adult dogs work better for her busy schedule. They also have so much character already and you can see the difference you’re making as they transition from their street life to a loving home life. You also get those appreciative kisses and snuggles for taking a chance on them and taking them in.

Maddison’s most memorable moment was the day she took her first foster, Marley, home. She had taken Sookie to do an introduction and they hit it off immediately. Marley had been returned due to a divorce and he needed to be away from the shelter because of his high energy. Maddison knew she had to give Marley a chance. On his first night at home he investigated around a bit and got a very good first night’s sleep right in bed next to Maddison. He knew he could finally relax.

Maddison wants those who are fostering for the first time to know that it can take a couple days for the fosters and personal dogs to adjust to each other. It also isn’t as hard letting them go when you personally get to handpick their new furever home. She recommends ice cream after you drop them off as comfort food and to not be afraid to shed some tears as well!

Maddison has a full house. She has two cats, Calee and Piper. Piper was a feral cat she found at the zoo who was harassing the peacocks at work. Then there is her dog, Sookie. She loves to take the dogs to the dog park, hiking, or swimming at her parents. She loves to surround herself with other dog people and they love to get together for dog parties and BBQs during the summer. We’re so glad you found us, Maddison! We are so thankful for all you do for GPG!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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