Foster Spotlight: It’s Your Time to Shine, Pam Polvick!

This week’s spotlight goes to Pam Palovick! Pam got involved with GPG through another foster, Melissa Stiles, and the wonderful rescue community. Both ladies are members of HALO, Helping Animals Find Loving Owners. HALO has been a contributor and generous donator to GPG in the past and in turn, GPG has helped them with many benefits. When Pam finally found the perfect foster, Bailey Boo, she knew it was time to get more involved.

Pam has been fostering less than a year and devotes all her energy working with Bailey Boo and making Bailey the best forever pet for some lucky family. Like most dog lovers, Pam has no preference for dog type or age to foster, but she has two senior dogs that could do without all the activity generated by puppies.

Having only had Bailey for two months, Pam doesn’t have a lot of stories that stick out in her mind. In Pam’s case, she decided to give Bailey a trial of free roam of the house while she went out to run an errand. She came home to find a small bag of dog food strewn all over the living room. She kept it on the kitchen counter to easily reward Bailey when she was good, but apparently she was just biding her time to get hold of it and gobble it up.

Pam wants all new fosterers to know that dogs may not trust you right away and that is okay. If they don’t, give them their space but always give them love when they want it. Eventually the trust will come. She just broke through this important milestone with Bailey about two weeks ago and she knows this because Bailey will never leave her side now.

Pam’s two dogs, a thirteen-year-old Shih Tzu named Trixie and ten-year-old toy Poodle named Cookie, are living it up with their loving mom. She’s had Trixie since she was eight weeks old but Cookie was a special rescue. She was offered Cookie, then Tara, when another of her dogs passed. Cookie was a breeding dog that was kept in a pet taxi her whole life until she met Pam and all that changed. As soon as Pam rescued her, Pam took her to the vet and got her spayed and had her rotten teeth removed. Cookie was then cleaned and taken to the groomer for her transformation. She feels the gratitude from Cookie everyday and when the time was right, she knew she needed to help save another dog’s life.

Thank you so much Pam for all you’ve done for GPG, because you said it best… “ALL DOGS deserve a chance for a happy healthy life”. Without fosters like you we wouldn’t be able to give them that chance!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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