foster-spotlight-ToddTiefenauerThis week’s foster spotlight is all about Todd Tiefenauer! Todd got involved fostering for GPG after his friend, Angie, started fostering. Todd had been volunteering at the St. Louis Zoo for years, but wanted to help out with a shelter that was close to home. He has always been an animal lover and working with GPG made sense when the opportunity arose. He has been fostering since October of last year. He has fostered two different pups since then. If given a choice, Todd tends to prefer adult dogs. His very busy work schedule doesn’t allow the time needed to devote to the younger puppies. His own personal pups are also getting up there in age and older pups don’t stress them out as much as the young ones.

Todd’s most memorable fostering memory was his first foster experience. He describes Banjo as an adorable, loving dog. As hard as it can be to give up fosters when they’ve become a part of your home, the feeling of finding them their perfect forever home is like nothing you’ve ever felt. A difference is made not only for that dog, but also for the next one to be rescued off the streets. He wants all new fosters to remember that when it comes to our precious foster dogs, patience is a virtue.

At home, Todd has two dogs of his own, a cat, and is foster-failing with his current foster Goofy. In his free time he is still volunteering at the St. Louis Zoo where he helps plan and execute events and also works closely with its education programs. To make sure he can enjoy all the things he loves, he also manages a restaurant. We can’t thank you enough Todd for all you do for GPG! You are not only saving one dog each time you foster, but also saving the next one on the street!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page to learn more!

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