Foster Spotlight - Veronica

Veronica and Carla (left to right)

Meet Veronica! She came to GPG by way of her co-worker, Kara. Veronica has been fostering with GPG for over three years and has had more than eleven pups come through her home! She mainly likes to foster puppies because her dogs seem to accept new puppies into the house better. Her dominant female pup rules the roost!

When Veronica isn’t loving on puppies, she’s spending time with her wife, Carla, and their three dogs. They have a Miniature Pinscher with lots of attitude named Chip, an energetic Beagle Terrier named Grace, and a GPG foster failure named Annie. Veronica’s pups have the best life for a multitude of reasons but one of the best is that she gets to take them to work. She also spoils them rotten!

Fostering is a very memorable journey for most and Veronica started by fostering a famous one. Veronica’s first foster was a Featured Pet of the Week on Channel 5! Veronica says that she loves fostering puppies because she gets to experience all of their “firsts”, like first time attempting the steps and their first time sleeping through the night.

Veronica has very good advice for new fosters: “Fostering isn’t easy. It’s hard to train a new set of puppies every few weeks. It’s hard to find a good home for each dog and then give up a dog that you let into your life. It’s also hard to commit the time to take on another dog. However, the rewards are worth it. You will make new friends in the process of finding a forever home for your foster, get puppy kisses and hugs, save a life, and make a difference with each dog.”

Thank you, Veronica, for all you do for the pups of GPG!

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our Fostering Page for more information.

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