They have been fostering for less than a year, but have already saved the lives of 24 animals by opening their home and hearts. Jen and Kyle Myerscough are a special type of foster family. They specialize in helping moms with puppies, helping mothers whelp and nurse, and bottlefeeding whenever needed.

IMG_2522Bastille came into their lives last week when she was spotted on the feeding route in East St. Louis. Volunteers found her in an abandoned church with nine puppies, and Jen and Kyle immediately said “yes.” However, when volunteers went in to rescue the next day they were surprised to find a total of fourteen puppies, four of which needed special care. There were so many puppies, Bastille could not feed them all. Jen and Kyle were up to the challenge of not only helping Bastille and her nursing babies, but also bottle feeding the four additional puppies.

Bastille has tapeworms, heartworms, hookworms, and whipworms, in addition to a bacterial form of mange and fleas. She is sick, shy and scared, and flinches when touched. She is scared of the leash and going outside of her nursing area. She’s slowly coming around, though. Jen and Kyle celebrate little moments, like being able to pet her on top of her head, or under the chin, or on her chest. They are looking forward to her first tail wag!

Fostering nursing mothers and babies is an amazing experience. Jen explains, “I love watching the puppies grow and develop. It happens so fast that you can almost watch them grow. And the dogs are so grateful for the home, food and love that they love harder than my own pet dog. I also love the excitement of the adopted families and knowing that I taught that dog to love so that it will be a valuable member of their family.”

The care of Bastille and her puppies has taken the help of their entire family, including their 12 and 13 year old daughters who have learned how to bottle feed the babies. Several volunteers have also helped by transporting medication and supplies; and supporters have donated money and supplies to help with their care. The Gateway Pet Guardians community is committed to seeing Bastille and her puppies live happy, healthy lives. But it all starts with a place to call home–a foster home. Thank you Jen and Kyle for opening your home to Bastille and her puppies and saving fifteen lives in the process!

Bastille and her puppies will not be available for several weeks, but make sure to check our website frequently if you are interested in adopting! If you would like to join our life-saving team of fosters, learn more by clicking here!