Adoptable Dog St Louis Barclay Bogus

Friday’s Foster Dog: Meet Bogus/Barclay, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis. Bogus is quite the character. For such a young boy he already has quite the reputation as a goofy and independent guy. During a routine feeding in East St. Louis, GPG founder, P.J. Hightower, was approached by a local family in hopes of finding him a home. Like an angel from out of nowhere, Bogus appeared one day and began sleeping on their front porch. That was the day Bogus received his freedom ride to his now foster home where he has entertained them every since.

Adoptable Dog St. Louis Barclay Bogus

From the porch to the couch, Bogus has since proven to be a real character. His foster family says he is one frisky puppy – full of fun energy with a playful disposition. His sweet, sad eyes and silly antics will warm your heart. He’s an energetic sort who loves wrestling with his foster family’s other dogs and running around with them in the backyard. His favorite types of toys include his Kong (especially when filled with peanut butter), his Nylabone, and the plush squeaky kind that make funny noises when he plays with them. This sweetheart also loves walks and does well on a leash.

Adoptable Dog St Louis Bogus Barclay

Bogus is a pretty easy going boy. When playtime is over and he’s had enough of playing the social butterfly, Bogus can be found hiding out in his favorite spot far away from the rest of the house. While cuddling isn’t usually his thing, he does sometimes make an exception for those people he has a particular fondness for. From time to time he can be found on the couch cuddling with his foster dad and drowning him with puppy kisses.

Adoptable Dog in St Louis Bogus Barclay

All his fun-loving energy can make him a little mischievous at times so a fenced in yard is a must for him. If possible, Bogus would prefer a forever home with at least one other canine companion to keep him company. For Bogus, children would also be a welcomed presence. He has yet to encounter a cat so the verdict is still out on that; however, due to his outgoing and loveable nature it’s highly likely he wouldn’t mind them either. In addition to his sociable nature, he is also a very intelligent guy who knows sit, stay, and down. He is house-trained, bell-trained, and crate-trained and can go up to seven hours without a potty break.

If you would like to learn more about Bogus or are interested in meeting this lovely lad, please visit Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com.

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