Yesterday, we received a frantic call from a community member about a cat in distress in her basement. She didn’t own a cat. 🤷‍♀️ Somehow, this little stinker got trapped down there! Thinking he would be feral, we baited and set a trap.

It only took seconds, and kitty devoured the lasagna bait and screamed for more. To say he loves lasagna is an understatement. So, we named him Garfield the Cat. 🤣

Garfield ended up being a big ole friendly tom. His leg appeared to be injured, and after visiting the veterinarian we learned that he had dislocated his elbow. It’s been like that for a little while, so it can’t just pop back into place.

Garfield ended up having his injured leg amputated, but that didn’t stop him from showing as much love and affection as he possibly could! This cat LOVES to snuggle and greet his people.

We are so thankful to the community member who called about Garfield, and our supporters who donated to cover the cost of his surgery. Happy tails, Garfield!


Update: Garfield has been adopted. Sorry, folks–he’s off the market!