The Salvation Army is increasing efforts to meet human need. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has evolved service delivery to ensure that immediate needs of community members, first responders, and government partners are met. As part of these efforts, The Salvation Army hosted a mass food and supply distribution for families in the Greater East St. Louis area on Saturday, May 23 at their location in East St. Louis, Illinois.

At Gateway Pet Guardians, we recognize the need to help families through this difficult time. Our friends at the Salvation Army are working to address the human needs, and we recognize that our organization has the ability to help address pets’ needs. Working together, we can help the entire family receive resources. We reached out to The Salvation Army and were delighted to contribute pet food to their event.

Thanks to this collaboration, we distributed 523 pounds of dog food, 105 pounds of cat food, 102 pounds of litter, and several cases of canned dog and canned cat food into the community.

We’re worried about the pets and, more importantly, the people that love them, during these uncertain times. Donate today to support our community programming and our efforts to keep pets and people together through this pandemic and beyond.