We have some exciting news! Gateway Pet Guardians has added two new members to its Board of Directors.  Gateway founder Julia Mittelstadt has returned to the board after spending the last year helping to flesh out our Advisory Board, which functions as a more strategic think tank for the organization.

Julia and the Junior Pet Guardians in Kanab, Utah.Julia was one of the five original founders of Gateway Pet Guardians back in 2004 and, along with P.J. Hightower, is one of the only two who still live in St. Louis. Julia is a realtor specializing in historic properties in the St. Louis area and a lifelong animal lover.  We’re excited to have Julia back on board as a visionary for the organization.  Many of you may not know that Julia was instrumental in jump starting our community outreach program when severe weather hit this winter and led many expeditions to East St. Louis to provide shelter and warmth for animals in the cold.

Julia is also a vital member of the GPG education committee and oversees the Gateway Junior Pet Guardians program that teaches humane education to teens in East St. Louis.

Becky Krueger, Gateway Pet Guardians Board Member

Meet Becky Krueger.

Our other exciting addition to the Board of Directors is Becky Krueger.  Becky is the former Director of Education and Public Relations for the Animal Protective Association of Missouri and has worked in both paid positions and volunteer capacities for numerous animal shelters and animal welfare organizations across the country.  She is currently the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Jefferson National Parks Association, a local nonprofit organization that provides support to national parks, public lands an historical sites throughout the country.

Becky’s background in humane education and working with animal organizations of many sizes will be an asset to Gateway Pet Guardians as we continue to mature from a tiny, volunteer-based organization into a thriving animal welfare organization.  She is currently planning to be trained as a shelter volunteer, so if you happen to see Becky during a shelter shift or visit, say hello!  She is looking forward to getting to know our organization and everyone in it.

For a full list of Gateway Pet Guardians board members and organizational committees, click here.

If any of the programs mentioned strike your fancy, fill out a volunteer application and let us know how you’d like to get involved with GPG!



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