beforeOne look at Genevieve’s old pictures and you see how bad things were for her. She was rescued from an abandoned house that was falling down. She lived among heaps of trash, broken drywall, and discarded furniture. GPG fed her, watched her condition, and tried desperately to find a foster to take her in. But her condition worsened quickly – faster than expected. Although we fed her daily, her bones began sticking out and she had extreme hair loss. Genevieve was in desperate need of rescue. She was a tough rescue, but once we had her we discovered how sick she really was. Genevieve had a severe case of heartworms and scabies, along with various other infections. She was severely underweight, shy and very scared.

But that was her old life. Through the love and patience of her foster, and the generous support from the community, Genevieve has a brand new life! See what her new family has to say about her:


“Oh, sweet Genevieve. She has developed and blossomed so much. She has such a personality now. G (as we call her, for short) is my little princess and oftentimes is referred to as a diva. She’s so funny and will just stop in the middle of a walk because she’s decided she’s done. She also won’t eat any treats other than chicken. Recently I had to give the $8 package of treats to a friend because G just didn’t like them. Genevieve has been a friend and filled in during a time I felt lonely. She truly is a blessing.”