GigiGigi was rescued from St. Clair County Animal Control on April 29, 2016. She was sent to one of our partner vet tech schools to stay and be cared for until a foster home opened up. Estimated to be between 7-10 years old, Gigi started to decline at the vet school, showing signs of kidney disease. Concerned for her well being, we put out a plea for a special foster, a home where she could relax. Laura Nelson raised her hand and took in Gigi to foster; and shortly after that, her forever family found her.

Lori Roberts learned about Gigi and her condition, and couldn’t say no. She wanted to help her any way she could. Gigi made the journey from St. Louis to small town Eldora, Iowa, and it was love at first sight between the little Shih Tzu and Lori! They formed a strong bond and became each other’s entire world.

Six months later, Gigi is settled in and living the good life. She is in stage 2 kidney failure, but remains comfortable and happy in her home. Lori says, “Our journey has been one of trial and error. I try to find what makes her happy and comfortable and she knows how to let me know if it is working. At this point her medical condition hasn’t been a challenge. I suspect it will be sometime, but for now I just do my best to make her happy.” And Lori’s commitment towards Gigi shows in the love the little dog shares. Gigi always greets her at the door, follows her around the house, and nestles into her lap every opportunity she can.

Although their time might be shortened together, Lori and Gigi couldn’t be happier. Falling in love with a senior dog has been one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Lori encourages others to consider the senior pets: “Don’t give up on them just because they have some age on them, we all get older too! We are set in our ways the same way they are. Work to find what their ‘quirks’ are. The more you get to know them, the easier it will be for you and your pet. All they want is to be loved!”

You can have your own fairytale ending, just like Lori and Gigi! Visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt to check out the list of pets available for adoption. Your best friend, shadow, and snuggle buddy could be waiting for you!

Gigi and Lori