We would like to introduce you to this handsome lug, Gold.

Over the weekend, Gold was shot multiple times. He has 3 bullet holes in his right shoulder, and an x-ray showed some shrapnel. His rear leg has one bullet wound but the bone is completely shattered. Unfortunately, that leg needs amputated.

Gold is loved by everyone at Gateway Pet Guardians, but even more so loved by his family. We thought it was only fitting that Gold’s mom Ashely shares their story…

We got Gold as a puppy. My brother found him locked in an abandoned house. He brought Gold to my mother because she loves all the animals. Gold came with his sister Silver–they got their names from my mom. Well, Silver passed last month so Gold is left alone. My family tries to take in dogs needing help. My son has a dog named Choppa he found, and my daughter has a dog named Light Skin. But Gold is like family to us.

I am Ashely. I work to take care of the whole family. I’m the only one that works so at 3:23 am, I took Gold outside to use the bathroom. Gold watches over the whole small block we live on. He doesn’t bother anyone. I’m the youngest person on my street. We all stay to ourselves, but I got up at 3:23 am. My son and I went out to start my truck. As I was in the house, my 11-year-old son comes running in and I hear and see the flash from 5 gunshots. As I ran to the door I see a man with a white t-shirt and black jeans running. Gold ran in the house. To see blood all over my home.

I called 911 and they came out saying there’s nothing they really can do because the dog was off the leash, so I took Gold to an emergency vet hospital to see what should I do. Wow, they wanted $4,200 and they said all these things I knew I couldn’t pay for, like $1,000 to get him stable. I was going to put him down, but a friend said don’t do it. So I told them to give him a shot for his pain and I will call Gateway pet Guardians. They have always been there for my family when we need a little help. They do so much for all kinds of pets.

So I called them and I got the wonderful Janet and she found a vet the would just come out to look at Gold on Monday. Well, the vet said he looks good for a dog that was shot multiple times. So Dr. Ed gave us some meds to get Gold till Tuesday and helped wrap his leg.

We slept in my living room by his side taking turns watching over him. We all were tired, but we did our best to show him that no matter what one of us will be there for him.

Janet came to pick Gold up and take him to the vet. They said they can do the surgery. He needed to amputate his leg but it had to be Thursday. So Gold came back home. The whole time he had the meds Dr. Ed gave him.

Thursday came and Janet picks up Gold for surgery to find out there’s a risk. Gold has kidney disease. We don’t know how he got it. They are going to keep Gold overnight to see how he is doing but the risk is putting him under. Janet recommends (how I’m feeling) to still do the surgery and take that chance. He’s been strong this whole time. I believe he’ll make it through. If not, I and Gateway Pet Guardians and Janet have done all we can to make sure Gold lives a good life.

To everyone that is watching Gold’s story, he means a lot to our family. He is my brother and my kids’ uncle. I have the kids call him Uncle Gold lol. Gold has changed our lives. This hurts more than I could ever imagine. He’s always running in my room, bothering me like a little brother. When I come home from work at night, he will come and tell me ‘hey, your kids forgot to feed me lol.’ He means a lot to us.

Please consider donating to our Pet Crisis Fund to help pets like Gold. Gold needs a surgery to amputate his rear leg. We are hoping that after hospitalization and fluids, he will be well enough to have this surgery–but we need your help! Even the tiniest donation counts as we help families stay together through this fund.