We’re growing and growing and growing! GPG is looking for a few dedicated volunteers who are looking to become integrally involved with our organization to fill the following volunteer positions:

Volunteer committee chair: This position requires someone with the time and interest in becoming involved with day to day activities. Reports to the President of the Board.

– Oversee our overall volunteer recruiting

– Responsible for developing strategies to get more volunteers

– Work with the volunteer coordinator to identify and “groom” specific people for bigger positions within the organization

– Responsible for volunteer retention and appreciation

– Identify volunteers who have made significant contributions, give them recognition once monthly by providing a profile for the GPG newsletter, post to facebook.

– Implement an employer recognition – once an individual has volunteered a specified number of times, the volunteer committee chair will send a thank you letter to the person’s manager recognizing them for exceptional service.

– Organize volunteer/foster gatherings coordinating with foster chair

– Develop a volunteer training program

– Create a manual for all volunteers

Works closely with the volunteer coordinator, who handles contacting all of the volunteers already in our database and getting them to attend events, managing volunteers who are at events, etc.


Foster committee chair: This position requires someone with the time and interest in becoming involved with day to day activities. Reports to a GPG Board Member.

– Oversee our overall foster recruitment

– Responsible for developing strategies to attract more fosters to our group

– Develop and implement programs within our foster community to keep our fosters connected with one another and informed

– Foster retention

– Selecting fosters for special recognition in the monthly foster newsletter and contacting them to provide information to the newsletter writer

– Providing interesting and engaging content for the newsletter.

– Organize volunteer/foster gatherings coordinating with the volunteer chair

– Systemize the foster training program

Works closely with our Foster Mentor – a knowledgeable person who walks each foster through the foster process and does a lot with the training of foster dogs. We also have various team members who help process the foster applications. It would be preferable that this person has fostered for an organization in the past.


Street Team Coordinator: This position would work under the PR/Marketing Committee in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator and would report to the Vice President. This position would require an intermediate level of involvement and mostly involves coordinating people. Time commitment may vary depending on the number of GPG events. Volunteer Committee Chair and Volunteer Coordinator to recruit people to this team.

– In charge of maintaining a list of volunteers whose sole purpose is to promote GPG events in any way possible.

– This may mean handing out fliers at various events throughout the year, posting them at their work and on various event boards throughout the city, etc.

– An example would be the Sand Volleyball tournament we are having in August – the coordinator would contact various sand volleyball leagues in the city, find out when their games are, see if it’s ok if we send people there with fliers, then coordinate sending volunteers on the street team out to those events and getting them the fliers to hand out.

– All materials will already be provided (you won’t have to create or print fliers).


GPG Associate Board: This will be a group of 10-15 young professionals of varying backgrounds. Reports to a GPG Board Member.

– Plan and implement various surrogate fundraisers throughout the year

– Board is responsible for planning and implementing fundraisers as well as promoting them

– Should be able to function separately from GPG

– Will reach a specified monetary goal (e.g. raise $10,000 per year by throwing various fundraisers over a 12 month period).

– Time commitment may vary depending on number of events planned and level of involvement within each event

– May use GPG resources such as volunteer coordinator and board members to establish connections with event spaces, in-kind donations

– Associate board will have its own officers tasked with specific duties


Qualities for all positions:
All positions require the following qualities:

– Professional demeanor

– Organized

– Motivated

– Committed

– Must love animals 🙂

If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out a volunteer application and make note of which position you want more information for.  If you are already on our volunteer list and want to get more involved through one of these positions, please contact us at info@gatewaypets.com