3These days if you’re looking for love it can be as easy as going online or downloading an app for your phone. “Matchmaker” websites and apps are everywhere. People have access to countless resources like Match.com, E-Harmony, and Tinder. Even FARMERS have their own matchmaker website. So this got the people at Gateway Pet Guardians thinking. Why couldn’t families looking to adopt a dog have the help of a matchmaker?

And so the GPG Matchmaker Program was born! The program is simple. GPG matchmakers use everything they know about GPG’s adoptable dogs and work with interested families to find the perfect dog for their home.

The program is working! Recent GPG adopter, Soham, had this to say about the Matchmaker Program:


“Before starting the adoption process with GPG, all I knew was that I wanted a dog. After seeing GPG’s listings on Petfinder, I knew I wanted all the dogs. Luckily, Chelsey, a Matchmaker from Gateway, got in touch with me after receiving my application and talked me through my preferences, the type of dog I wanted, the kind of time I’m able to allocate, etc. and was able to convince me that adopting all the dogs may not be the best idea for a student. After that, she sent me links to a few dogs that she thought would be a good fit for me. Chelsey was professional, helpful, and incredibly dedicated to the work she does. What was incredible about the entire process was how knowledgeable she was about the dogs, their temperaments, and their personalities. She wasn’t just trying to set up adoptions; she was trying to facilitate a lasting relationship between the adopter and the adoptee. And it worked! She told me about Arrow and I knew I had to meet him. Once I met him, I knew I had to adopt him. The entire process was easy, exciting, and thanks to my matchmaker–very clear and straightforward. The matchmaking program at GPG is helped me meet my new best friend.”

Ready to give Matchmaker a try?

Fill out an adoption application and when it asks if you have a specific dog in mind, click yes and put “matchmaker” down for dogs name. Our matchmaker team will look at your application and reach out with some options that fit your criteria. How easy is that?