Happy Tail written by Jane Davis.

My love story of Jasper (formerly Pickle) adopted from Gateway Pet Guardians.

He came into our (yes he has a 4-legged sister) lives just in time. I rescued Jada, his golden lab sister, shortly after I had sent my previous love to the rainbow bridge. At that time, I was suffering from tremendous loss. Three of my family members had been murdered, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I had injured my back and then lost my last dog to cancer. Jada came to me as a puppy, but little did I know she too was suffering.

The first year I had her she had some major health issues and she turned into a timid mess after several traumatic events of her own. Post obedience training and recommendations from several behaviorists, I was on a hunt for a confident, but submissive male companion for her. Little did I know Jasper was waiting to come to us after some trauma of his own. I was “foster sitting” and he was only staying for the weekend… that’s been nearly four years ago. However, it was an instant connection between he and Jada.

It had finally happened! After several previous attempts to find a good fit for us, along he came. He’s been a perfect addition for both me and Jada. He’s happy, confident, loving and never sees a bad day. He’s given her the companionship she so desperately needed to help her gain a bit of confidence. And he helped me find purpose in life again after so much loss. He truly rescued both of us. I’m not sure either of us would have survived without the unconditional love and endless joy he has brought to my home.