Happy Tail written by Jennifer Brewer.

When my son Jordin was just a toddler, we knew there was something extra special about him. Diagnosed sometime later with level one autism, ADHD and anxiety, he would often come to me in tears, overcome with his emotions. One day, when he was eight, he said the most heartbreaking thing a parent could hear, “mom, I am so tired of being sad all the time.”

In desperation, I sent out a plea on social media for any ideas to help my child. Someone suggested an emotional support animal. My husband and I loved that idea! A friend of the family volunteered at Gateway Pet Guardians and said they would be up for the task of finding the perfect match for Jordin. After GPG’s careful screening, into our lives came Hank!

Those two are absolutely made for each other! Hank sleeps with Jordin, and we have had no more sleepless, tear-filled nights! We promptly took Hank to Good Citizenship Training classes through Petco to teach him proper manners. Jordin trained him himself and Hank responded very well! I think they were destined for each other because just as my son has anxiety about some things, Hank does as well. Hank didn’t graduate his class with the highest honors, there were some separation issues (because he loves his buddy Jordin so much) as well as a little excitement when other 4 legged playmates came by, but Jordin has been working with him. Now, I am proud to say, we can take Hank out in public and he is great!

It was a perfect lesson for Jordin to help his dog to overcome his fears just as Hank has helped Jordin overcome some of his anxieties! It is amazing to me that this wonderful, loving dog was about to be euthanized by the shelter he was in before GPG came to his rescue and saw his potential! Hank is now living the life of the neighborhood kids’ favorite dog and is spoiled daily with love, chewies, and treats! He now gets to enjoy a comfy bed, car rides, hikes and lots and lots of play time!

And I am thankful everyday that someone rescued Hank from a life on the streets, and Hank, in turn, rescued my child from a life of fear and loneliness. It’s like they were destined for each other. It makes my heart happy when I see Hank laying by Jordin when my son had a rough day, or when I check on them at bedtime and they are both peacefully asleep and snoring snuggled up in bed! We can’t imagine life without Hank now and are forever indebted to GPG for finding us such a wonderful little buddy for my son!