Alester came home with us this past summer. It was a nerve-racking time waiting to hear if he was ours or if his foster mom chose someone else. He spends his days playing with his sister Fannie and his “uncle” Finnegan. Finnegan (standard poodle puppy) came into our lives just a few weeks before Alester, and Fannie (wheaton terrier mix, another rescue) has been with us for years. Alester is the popular guy that brings everyone together. Fannie and Alester play together; Finnegan and Alester play together; Finnegan, Fannie, and Alester play together; Fannie and Finnegan do not play together without Alester. When not playing or running around our 25 acres/paintball field, Alester loves to take rides on any of our UTVs/golf carts/trucks, swim in the lake, and visit our neighbors. He also enjoys chewing. On everything. He especially loves to chew on mom’s shoes and clothes. To be cliche, Alester completed our family. We could not have gotten a better dog!

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