ARchieMy husband and I moved into our new house this past spring and we both agreed that we wanted a dog immediately. We started looking around at local shelters and we found a picture of Archie, the young lab mix that won our hearts over.

Archie is about to turn 1 years old and enjoys his days playing with his tennis balls, barking at bugs, sleeping on dads lap and licking his brand new non-fluffy little brother.

We were worried that Archie may not adjust to us bringing a new baby home last month, but he proved us wrong and has done so well. Other than getting a little too close every now and then for a extra sniff or lick, Archie does great and we can’t wait to see them grow up together.

Thank you to GPG And Archie’s foster mom Megan for helping to introduce us to our “baby pup”. We love him so much!