My son and I had been wanting a dog to join our family for some time but we took time to check out different places and wanted to make sure we found the right fit for us. I came across Gateway Pet Guardians online and began browsing. The day I sent the application in for Bobo I was contacted back by his foster Mom who excitedly told me she thought Bobo would be a perfect fit in our home, and she was right! He has really brought so much joy to our home and laughs. He can be a little mischievous at times, but so can my 5 year old! He loves playing fetch with balls going on walks. Bobo is a HUGE snuggler and would be happy to lounge on the couch with me all day just as much as going out to play. Bobo and Jude are best friends and hang out and act like the wild boys they are all the time. Happy to have him in our home as he is such a good boy with such an amazing personality.

– Ashley Drury