I first met DeeDee at an adoption event in February. She was shy and cautious of people, and spooked by lots of things. I knew we had a connection the minute I sat down with her, and I couldn’t leave knowing that she didn’t have a chance with our family. We did a trial week, and in that short time, DeeDee opened up and gained our trust. It’s been a month since her adoption, and I’m happy to say that DeeDee has become a happy dog in our house! She wags every time she sees one of us and does zoomies in the yard! She plays with our neighbors dog and the toys we’ve given her. She takes naps with me and is always wanting to make sure I’m happy. Having depression can sometimes make it hard to do everyday things, but DeeDee has given me a purpose and we love each other. She’s my best friend and I know she feels the same way about me. Thank you to Brian and Sarah Meyer for helping us since day one with our DeeDee girl, and Gateway Pet Guardians for everything they do. DeeDee is grateful and full of love because of this wonderful organization.

– Meghan Brennan