Louie (formerly known as Putzie) came into our lives on January 9, 2014. He was my Christmas present, and he has been such a blessing to us. We didn’t know if we would make it through those first few weeks of change in our household, but now I don’t know what we would do without him. Louie is a constant source of entertainment and loving kisses. He is a joy to go on walks with, and he loves playing with his furry cousins whenever we visit with our families. We have been teaching him some fun and useful tricks at home, and Louie recently started in a training class where he has proven to be a smart little puppy. I cannot believe that he will be 6 months old next Thursday! The time has flown! I am so grateful to my husband for this special gift, and I am so grateful to Louie for loving us no matter what! Thank you to Gateway Pet Guardians for rescuing Louie, and thank you to Tanya for caring for him until he could join us in his forever home!

– Alissa Walsh