MontanaMontana was pulled off the streets as a 2 month old pup by PJ almost two years ago. She was in foster for about 2 months then we met her at the Wine & Wag event and she had to be ours. She was welcomed to the rest of the pack with open paws. From day one, this was her home! She’s been a busy girl. She’s been to Florida 4 times and learned how to swim. She’s been to the Pooches in the Park event to see the St. Louis Cardinals game, the swim party put on by GPG and the Hounds at Hammerstones event just a couple of weeks ago. She loves to watch TV and is very smart – she love to bark at any dog on TV – if it barking or not – she know if there is a dog in a commercial or in a TV show. She’s a great snuggle bug too and quite the Daddy’s girl!! We are so thankful to PJ & GPG for her rescue and allowing her to become part of our family.