From forever mom Dina Bridge:

“Roxy (FKA Eleven) has been a wonderful addition to our family. After asking for a dog for two years, I think our kids have found the perfect dog for them! I just didn’t realize how much we all needed this little girl in our life! It is incredible how quickly she adjusted to life with “her boys.” She is so sweet and smart and loving. She waits at the front for the boys to get off the bus after school and she checks on both of them and tucks them in at night.

She loves to play frisbee, tug of war and catch! She loves to carry her own little toys to bed, too. She makes us laugh when she gets the “zoomies” and races the boys around the house. I love to watch her prance around her new backyard until she gets tired and takes a rest under the big willow tree. I can only hope we make her as happy as she makes us!”