Wrigley is always on the move and my iPhone camera just can’t keep up with him! So the clearest pic I can get is while he was napping during some kind of baseball in October? We Cubs fans aren’t real sure what they are. ­čśë LoL.

He is about 6 months old. A boxer, pit & terrier mix. I adopted Wrigley back on June 30, 2013 from GPG. He was under the foster care of Brianna. While he does miss buddies, he gets lots of play time with his cousins Rosie (168 lbs 2 yr old albino Great Dane who is deaf), Izzy Bella (5 month old Boston pup) and Kibbles (10 year old 50 lbs big Boston).

Wrigley is currently watching unsupervised tv while I’m at work and must be watching martial arts shows. His ninja skills are increasing daily. He creeped up behind me in the kitchen a few weeks ago with his toy knotted rope, whipped it back and forth and about took my legs out! LoL

He also loves to play ball in the back yard, but is still having trust issues with the back door after accidentally knocking the pane of glass out of the screen door during an unexpected jet flyby while stalking his prey (aka sticks) in the backyard.

He has been a wonderful addition to my empty house and is always super excited when I get home. We typically play and then go for a walk. He’s still building up his stamina, it is probably exhausting being a ninja all day, then expected to play and walk when I get home. After dinner, I’m usually greeted with a lick and burp from Wrigley, some would be offended, but I take it as a compliment that he enjoyed the food and is full! =P

We are still working on potty training, some days are better than others, but he’s doing good.

He is such a good cuddle buddy and it’s difficult for me to want to put him in his bed at night, but after several nights of sneaking around and experimenting with letting him run the house during the day, I’ve discovered he knows right from wrong, but things must just get too crazy training! LoL

He loves his kennel, it’s his domain and is very open about when he needs his blanket washed. It will be nice and folded for about a week then one day it will be pushed up against the door! LoL

Wrigley has been one of the best dogs and is very lovable, even given HUGS and kisses. LoL. Thank you GPG for helping me find my buddy and helping him find our home.

This Happy Tail was featured in the November 2013 edition of the Gateway Pet Gazette.

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