Cody before he was groomed

We met Cody this past winter during our cold weather outreach efforts. We recently heard from his mom, who was undergoing a big surgery. She was scared she couldn’t continue to care for Cody after her surgery, and was hoping to find him a new home.

We visited and asked her, “What do you need to be able to keep Cody during this difficult time?”

“Grooming and food,” was her response. And so we went to work!

A few days later, we set Cody up with Pet Grooming at Your Doorstep and he had a bath and haircut. We also connected his mom with Bi-State Pet Food Pantry to receive monthly food. These two small gestures helped Cody’s mom keep him, and we couldn’t be happier! Cody was able to stay with his loving family and out of the shelter system.

Cody posing after his grooming appointment with our intern, Abby

We have seen several cases lately where a little help with grooming can keep pets with their families and significantly improve the well-being of both pets and people. We are happy to help in these situations, but only when funds are available. We need your help to be able to provide this service to our community! Please consider donating to our Community Outreach Program today.