Have you ever wanted to foster a pet, but didn’t know how to get started?

We are in great need of new foster homes, which are vital in helping stray animals find their forever homes. Without foster homes, Gateway Pet Guardians could not save, rehabilitate and adopt the hundreds of homeless strays we do every year.

We have several pets that we’re looking to place in foster homes immediately. We’re looking for fosters to help with:

  • Puppies (we prefer to have them fostered in pairs)
  • Dogs that are recovering from heartworm treatment who need quiet and calm homes.
  • Dogs with broken bones or other injuries that need quiet and calm homes in which to recover. Your home should have less than two stairs to get outside to go to the bathroom.
  • Dogs with behavioral issues. We are looking for people who have fostered dogs before, are used to working with behavioral issues and are able to transport to and from training at K9AC.
  • Feral/shy dogs. Patience is key, and we’re looking for fosters who have had experience with these dogs in their homes.

If you would like to help out (and are not a current foster) click here to fill out an application.

For more information on fostering with Gateway Pet Guardians, click here.



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