When you foster, you save a life. That should be enough of an incentive to give it a try, right!? But what people don’t tell you about are the hidden perks in fostering, like having a buddy to go on walks and hikes or a partner to join you at your favorite restaurant. Check out some of the ‘perks’ that our fosters and their foster pets experience daily!

Mama Heart and her foster mom, Jeanne Sommers, love going on walks together and exploring new places. Here they are atop the bluff at Cliff Cave in Oakville, Missouri. You can also find them walking the trails at Sylvan Springs Park and Jefferson Barracks, to name just a few of their favorite places!

Mama Heart

Little Debbie and her foster dad, Jaimie Draves, participated in the Paddle for Pooches event this summer. They even came in fourth place! Look at that giant smile on her face as she paddles with her favorite people!

Little Debbie

Connor and his foster mom, Jennifer Upton, participated in the Manchester Dog Swim this summer. Connor didn’t let his wheelchair get in the way of his water fun!


Fosters Sarah and Brian Meyer enjoy taking their foster pets to visit their friends at Alhambra Care Center, Inc. Larry enjoys visiting with residents and bringing smiles to their faces!


And finally, nobody is a better dinner partner than a foster dog. Poppet joins her foster mom Sarah for dinner at Joe Boccardi’s, but insists she share some of the chicken from her pizza!


Convinced yet? Just think, with your own foster dog, you can have your own adventures, just like these lucky pups! If you’d like to learn more, visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster. Or if you’d like to make any one of the above foster dogs your own permanent best friend, visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt!