Jolene on her HikeMeet Jolene. Jolene has some energy! As a resident at the GPG Emergency Shelter, it can be difficult for Jolene to get the exercise she needs. But have no fear, she has many friends who help her out!

Rachel Broadbear and George Huestis love hiking, and when they met Jolene, they knew she would be a great addition to their adventures. This weekend, they took Jolene to Rockwoods Reservation and did a very rugged 3.5 mile loop. And two weeks ago, they took her on a 6-7 mile hike at Castlewood. Jolene loves their dog, Harley, and together, they are wonderful hiking companions. Rachel comments about her experience: “Jolene is very high energy, but her manners on the trail are impeccable. She’s good with my dog, good passing other people and dogs on narrow trail sections, and even good at dealing with random children running up to her and starting to pet her while yelling about how cute she is.”

Jolene and George Hiking

And one of the best parts of her outings – the car ride back to the shelter, when she is exhausted and full of snuggles!

Jolene on the Car Ride

Dogs like Jolene need volunteers like Rachel and George to help them expend their energy. Are you a hiking fanatic and would like a shelter pup to join you on the trails? Sign up to volunteer at www.gatewaypets.com/volunteer! Or, do you think Jolene would be that perfect addition to your hiking party? Learn more about her by visiting www.gatewaypets.com/adopt!