Ilsa - Jan 2016

Ilsa – Jan 2016

Meet Ilsa, a gorgeous German Shepherd (mix) who got her second chance at life last night after an unfortunate accident.  Since late 2015, community volunteer Kyle has been caring for and feeding Ilsa on the streets.  Ilsa was a stray and was producing puppies while on the streets.  Gateway Pet Guardians is a primarily foster-based organization.  When appropriate foster space and funds are available, animals can be rescued.  Ilsa is shy and was in need of a special foster to see her through her shy rehabilitation.  While on the search for an appropriate foster, Kyle and his wife, Jen continued to care for Ilsa on the streets.  Jen would refer to Ilsa as the “other woman” in Kyle’s life.

In July 2016, sightings of Ilsa became sparse.  She would not be in her normal area and Kyle began seeing her less and less.  This is a common occurrence with stray dogs (especially unaltered dogs) as they find other dogs to pack with and resources elsewhere.

Ilsa's rescue - October 27, 2016

Ilsa’s rescue – October 27, 2016

Last night, volunteers received a phone call from a good samaritan about a dog that had been hit by a car and was lying next to the highway in our service area.  Volunteers, Todd, David and Sara rush to the scene, where the police were also waiting.  After a little coercing, the dog was able to be put in the car and rushed to the emergency vet.  She was scared, injured and defeated.  After a Facebook post, it was determined that the beautiful girl was ILSA!

Currently, Ilsa is at Animal Emergency Center in Collinsville being monitored for extensive road rash, other open wounds and shock.  She was also septic when rescuers brought her in.  Living life on the streets has additionally led to other ailments that were uncovered upon intake.  Ilsa tested strong positive for heartworm disease, intestinal parasites and had preexisting wounds and issues from stray life.





The good news is, she has a second chance.  She is safe, warm and dry.  She is receiving treatment for her injuries and is comfortably recovering.  In a few days, she will be ready for a foster home to begin her longer recovery from heartworms and learning to trust humans.

Donations are being accepted through our Second Chance Fund to help cover her medical costs: CLICK HERE TO DONATE