Gateway Pet Guardians met and got to know Inara through our outreach efforts in the community. We helped the owner care for her by providing a doghouse, tie-out, and other supplies, until we had the opportunity to rescue. Once in foster it was easy to see she was going to be a fantastic part of someone’s family. But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Inara’s (now Nora) ADOPTED family says about this pretty girl:


“There has not been one day where I haven’t heard a remark of how sweet, well-behaved, or amazing Nora is. She loves everyone and anyone, and she somehow manages to get EVERYONE to rub her belly. She LOVES her Kong ball, her newly learned skill – fetch, and cuddling with her mommy! Her only flaw is that she is a tad bit camera shy. She is soon moving to Austin, Texas; she is super aware that Austin was voted the #1 pet friendly city in the U.S. 🙂 This means she is super motivated to become leash trained, because that means going to water holes, restaurants and so much more! We were seriously blessed with a PERFECT dog – THANKS to her foster mom Janet for continuing to be a part of our lives.”