Gene's Floppy EarsBeing a brand new foster can be a little scary. Bringing a strange dog into your home, not knowing what to expect. But Kaitlin Boger and Skylar Weikart jumped into the Gateway Pet Guardians foster family head first, and are never looking back! They started their foster career with a younger puppy, and loved that experience, but wanted to try something new. Once she was adopted, they opened their home to Gene, the perfect combination of puppy energy and lap dog mentality!

Gene came from animal control, where he was rescued from the euthanasia list. When Kaitlin and Skylar saw his picture, his sweet face and floppy ears made it impossible to say no to him! They brought him home and immediately Gene showed them love and compassion; he was ready to live the good life!

Since they brought him home, Gene has already become fully potty and crate trained. Kaitlin says he loves to look out the windows and watch people and animals walk by, take long naps on the couch, and run up and down their hallway. He loves walks and playing at the dog park, and is happiest around other playful dogs! Kaitlin says, “My favorite thing about Gene is how he sleeps. He will stretch out as long as he can and the dog can SNORE! Skylar loves when Gene cuddles and insists on laying on our laps. We also cannot resist his floppy ears!”

She continues, “Many people ask us why we foster. We love the idea that we can help these animals, even if it is only one or two animals at a time. Our favorite part of fostering is helping match our fosters with their forever homes. The puppies and dog kisses are a plus, too!”

Skylar and Gene

Kaitlin and Sylar are still learning the ropes of fostering, but have this to say to others considering joining the GPG foster family: “Please try it! Gateway Pet Guardians is so helpful when we have questions, and there are many helpful fosters and volunteers that are ready to reach out and answer questions!”

Are you ready to dive in head first like Kaitlin and Skylar did? Visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster to learn more! And if Gene sounds like he could be the perfect addition to your pack, learn more about him by visiting www.gatewaypets.com/adopt.