Scott and KaineGateway Pet Guardians is proud to partner with TADSAW (Train A Dog, Save a Warrior) to unite rescued dogs with veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder in a program called the Gateway K9 Warrior Project.¬†Because of this new program, the term “man’s best friend” means so much more. It helps rescue dogs achieve an extraordinary purpose in life – helping America’s heroes after their return home. These dogs are trained to help relieve veterans of symptoms such as anxiety, phobias, nightmares and other PTSD related issues.

The program has already successfully placed two dogs with veterans. Learn about the story of one of our rescue dogs named Kaine. From streets to service dog – we are very proud to call Kaine a K9 Warrior.


If you would like to help support this program, click “Donate” below. Your donation helps Gateway Pet Guardians and the veteran cover costs to make this relationship successful. These costs include the pet’s adoption fee and basic home set up (crate, leash, collar, training lead and other accessories).

Thank you for your support of this amazing program that saves lives, human and K9.