Sweet Chihuahua mix, Dyno and his mom, Brietta were recently reunited all thanks to a microchip. Earlier this month, Brietta visited our drive-thru clinic to get Dyno’s annual vaccines. Although Dyno had never gone missing, Brietta decided to also get him microchipped just to be safe. The timing could not have been more perfect as Dyno ran away a few days later. “We were out for five hours searching for him,” Brietta said. “I thought he was gone forever.”

Thankfully, a kind man found Dyno and asked Jamie, a resident who lived nearby if he belonged to her. After she noticed the PetLink microchip tag on Dyno’s collar, Jamie entered the number online to retrieve Brietta’s contact information. “We were so happy to have our baby boy back home,” Brietta said. “Thank you to Gateway Pet Guardians for chipping him!”

Microchips are such a life-saving tool. We love when we are able to successfully return pets home where they belong! If you have lost or found a stray pet in St. Clair County, please complete the St. Clair County Lost/Found Pet Form online or call 618-687-8007, ext.6.

Make sure your pet finds their way home if ever lost by:

  • Ensuring they are microchipped or the microchip is working
  • Checking that your contact information is up-to-date
  • Keeping a collar and tag on pets at all times